Recipe: watermelon mint juice

21 juni 2023

Summer has officially started, so it is time for a new, refreshing recipe! Today we would like to share one of our favourite summer drinks: a watermelon mint juice. For this beverage you only need 3 ingredients and a blender. 

To start, cut the watermelon in pieces. The amount depends on how much juice you would like to make. Don’t hesitate to make a bit more since you can easily save it in the fridge for at least another day. Put the dices of watermelon in the blender and add some mint leaves to it. Lastly, pour the juice of half a lime over the mix and start the blender. After, you can try a sip to decide whether you would like to add a bit more of one of the ingredients to balance the taste. If everything seems fine, pour it in glass with some ice cubes to make it even more refreshing and enjoy your delicious summer drink!