YOURS shopping guide

13 mei 2023

At YOURS we love local. Valencia is a creative hotspot which means that all around the city you will find the nicest boutique shops and local artists. To help you a hand we have made a list with some of our personal favourites! 

ona/negra is high on our list of favourite places to visit in the city. This unique shoe shop opened its doors in October 2021. Laura, the founder, curates the collection with a lot of care and passion focussing on the design of the shoe and its production process. Most brands sold in ona/negra are from Spain or have at least a special transparency regarding their production process. Some names that you can find are Act Series, Kosma Menorca and Alohas. Besides that, the shop is decorated with unique ceramic artworks from Valencian based artists like Canoa Lab and Adriana Cabello.
Carrer de la Nau 7, 46003 Valencia

Candela en Rama
Candela is a Spanish artisan who transforms the Mediterranean essence into jewellery. Her pieces are timeless, elegant and each collection is inspired by a different part of nature. Not only her items are unique, but her atelier-shop is just as special. As if you walk into a Mediterranean house, the shop shows every aspect that inspires the brand. Above that, the atelier-shop also gives a lovely view on the production process of the jewellery. Through an entire wall of glass you can see how the pieces are being made.
Carrer de Carrasquer 10, 46001 Valencia

Sebastian Melmoth
This lovely store is located in the old town’s neighbourhood El Carmen. Giving a stage to artists, Sebastian Melmoth has a big variety of posters, books, photography, ceramic pieces and paintings. Also, it is the perfect place if you have a weak spot for beautifully designed stationery.
Calle Baja 5, 46003 Valencia

Poppyns is one of Valencia’s well-curated concept stores. With a combination of local and international brands, Poppyns focuses on quality, design and sustainability. You will find a mix of fashion, jewellery, accessories, books, shoes and lifestyle items. Also, you can enjoy a coffee with a small bite in the back of the store.
Carrer d’Isabel la Catòlica 21, 46004 Valencia

Hinojo Bazar
Just around the corner of YOURS and next to our favourite coffee roasters Bluebell, you will find Hinojo Bazar. This concept store is a mix of sustainable household products, plants and body- and skincare products. Fun detail, in the back of the store you can see where and how the plants are cultivated.
Calle Buenos Aires 5, 46006 Valencia