Slow travelling

6 June 2023

At YOURS we are a big fan of slow travelling to connect with the local Valencian community. That is why we have made a list for you of alternative plans to do during your holiday in the city. 

Further down our street you find ceramic studio CUIT; a bright, spacious place that is both an atelier and a shop. In the atelier they offer both classes single workshops. During the workshop, which takes about 4 hours, you will be learning how to make your own vase or salad bowl. First molding the clay, then decorating it to your own taste. The ceramic workshop is a lovely activity to do in case you will be coming back to Valencia in a short time period. This is because your piece can only be picked up one month after doing the workshop due to the baking process.

This year we are collaborating with Caressée. In our monthly event you will take time for yourself and reflect upon your feelings. While turning inside you share this experience with a small group. This makes it an afternoon to care for yourself and create a positive connection with others. Keep an eye on our Instagram where we will be sharing upcoming events with Caressée.

Valencia has quite some options when it comes down to yoga. There are multiple schools to go to or you can join one of the groups for outdoor yoga either in the park or on the beach. One of our preferred schools is the Yoga Box, located in the old centre and with a beautiful, calm studio inside. To enjoy yoga in the open air Yoga With Jennison might be a good match for you! We have a yoga mat for you to use at the hotel reception.

4.Flor de luna
In a 10-minute-walk from our hotel you find Ruzafa’s dried-flower shop Flor de luna. Here you can either shop one of Jessica’s creations or make your own piece under her guidance in the workshops that she organises. Jessica is Dutch, so it’s not a problem if Spanish is not (yet) your strong point…!