YOURS Boutique Shop: Liten Jewels

27 July 2023

As you might know, we have a small boutique shop in our reception. It consists out of carefully picked pieces that are either local handcrafted products, things that we use in the hotel or designs that we simply love! Today we want to highlight one of the brands that we collaborate with: Liten Jewels.

The Valencia-based jewellery brand Liten was founded a few years back by Laura. She had already spent some time trying out different handcraft directions before she chose jewellery making. In the end, because of the COVID lockdown, she had the time and peace to create what nowadays is Liten.

The brand stands for timelessness, both the design as the quality of the piece should last. Also, uniqueness is one of the main values as each piece is made by hand.

The jewellery is available in both gold-plated brass and sterling silver. In the images are some of the Liten pieces featured that we have in our boutique shop.