YOURS Guide: Poblats Marítims

21 de November de 2023

Valencia’s most trendy neighbourhood is Ruzafa. Nevertheless, there is another one coming up fast! I am talking about Poblats Marítims. This fishermen district used to consist of several villages (El Cabanyal, Canyamelar, Cap de França and Malvarrosa) that were not part of Turia’s capital. However, over time the city and the outside areas grew together. Nowadays, Poblats Marítims is one of Valencia’s most unique areas. We have made a list for you with some of its unmissable spots. 

Bodega Anyora
When entering Anyora it feels as if you walk into the most cosy Spanish home. The food is delicious, the team creates a pleasant atmosphere and the warm interior is the finishing touch. Anyora is an ode to the traditional Spanish kitchen of always.

La Sastrería
La Sastrería has been a big win for Valencia. This restaurant opened a few years ago and has been one of our most favourite restaurants since. The special interior is inspired by the traditional tiled houses that the neighbourhood is known for. You can either choose to reserve a table at the easygoing area (Zona Cabanyal) to share a few tapas or at the other room (Zona Mar) in order to choose more elaborate dishes.

MADRE is a trendy Latin-American fusion restaurant with the best tacos and cocktails. It is possible to either just enjoy some of their amazing cocktails at the patio or treat yourself to a complete dining experience. MADRE is open from Thursday to Sunday which makes it the perfect weekend plan.

Fábrica de Hielo
This old ice cube factory is one of Valencia’s most trendy and popular spots of the moment. Close to the beach and with an impressive range of cultural events, people love to spend their weekend days here. From jazz concerts to DJ-sets, everyday there is something else so it is definitely worth it to take a look at their program!

Marino Jazz
Marino opened its doors just last January and is now already an indispensable hotspot in Valencia’s music scene. Decorated in red velvet, this music bar has been cared for down to the last detail. Enjoy their tasty cocktails, while listening to Valencia’s finest tunes. Marino Jazz opens from Thursday till Sunday and offers a different music genre every evening. You can purchase your ticket beforehand through the link on their Instagram account.

No matter if you will enjoy the traditional Spanish kitchen at Anyora, a freshly prepared fish at La Sastrería or just wander around and appreciate the colourful tiled houses, Poblats Marítims is definitely worth a visit!