Sustainability at YOURS

8 de mayo de 2021

At YOURS Boutique hotel in Valencia we proactively work to get sustainability into the core of our hotel. 

Water provided in glass bottles AguaKMcero

We think it’s part of our responsibility. As a hotel we want to continuously take accountability for the impact we have and we want to do our part to help moving it in a better direction. We do not pretend to be perfect and we will continuously try to improve the way we work. At the same time we are proud to share some green choices we have made already.

In a hotel where there will be a lot of water consumption, we opted for a sustainable alternative to the plastic small courtesy bottles. We have installed a filtered water machine and serve all our drinking water in glass bottles. An enormous amount of single use plastic can be avoided this way. 

Additionally we have chosen to use the care products from Marie Stella Maris. A brand with a social mission – they contribute to clean water and hygiene projects worldwide. Besides it looks beautiful, they have an unique scent and contain natural ingredients. They are not tested on animals, do not contain parabens and are silicone free. Not using mini packaging as you see in a lot of hotels but using refill solutions is a way to offer more sustainable amenities.

Another green choice we would like to point out are the cleaning products we choose to work with. In our search for the perfect products, we came across eco-friendly concentrated refills. We can reuse the bottles by mixing the mono dosis with water. 

Also we are very much interested in working with local brands and suppliers. Our coffee, furniture, lighting and interior details are made within the Valencian province: to encourage the local market and have a shorter supply chain and avoid shipping. 

We aim to be a transparent business and take you along in our journey towards a more sustainable tourism.

Making small changes, with a big impact . . . because we care.