YOURS recipe: Fig jam

26 de septiembre de 2022

One of our favorite recipes at the moment is our homemade jam. It is the finishing touch for every breakfast and it averts food waste as it works perfectly with left-over fruit! We use it with our fresh croissants or cottage cheese toasts. Let us share our recipe with you. 

Homemade Fig jam


500 grams of figs 

300 grams of brown sugar

Half a lemon

To start with, we cut the figs in tiny pieces. We then squeeze half a lemon and add the figs and mix it with the sugar. After you have stirred all three ingredients together, you can let it cook on medium heat for about 20-30 minutes. Pot in sterilized jars and your jam is ready! 

We love fig jam but what makes this such a good recipe is that you can use several types of fruit. Depending on personal preferences and on what fruit you have at home, you can make different jams. Just keep in mind that some sorts of fruit need a squeeze of lemon for the right balance of acid and pectin while other ones don’t need that extra sourness. 

At YOURS we are always trying to use seasonal fruits for our bowls, lemonades and juices. Fig season in Spain is from August until October, so we are fully enjoying them now!